Geo-environmental Services

The Problem

Usually, sites with environmental issues have been disturbed below grade or filled with non-native material. In addition to identifying environmental contamination on such sites, it is important to understand the soils and geologic properties with respect to future uses. SAI has its own highly qualified geological/geotechnical staff prepared to address the combined issues of soils, geology, and geotechnical engineering.

The Solution

SAI offers Geo-environmental Services for a wide variety of projects, including landfill closure and redevelopment, brownfield redevelopment, earth dams, and more.

    SAI has creatively met numerous geo-environmental challenges including:

  • Redeveloping former landfills and brownfields into residential and commercial properties
  • Designing different foundation systems for supporting multi-story residential buildings on brownfield and former landfill sites
  • Designing landfill capping systems utilizing natural soils, geosynthetics and/or dredged material
  • Performing stability and settlement analyses for former landfills and steep earthen slopes
  • Performing stability analyses for deep excavations at contaminated sites, and evaluating different methods to stabilize the excavation side walls
  • Designing of cutoff walls to prevent contaminant migration using sheet pile walls, slurry walls, and deep soil mixing
  • Designing of earthen dams to retain water in manmade ponds
  • Development of project specifications and construction drawings


    Our Range Of Sevices

  • Preparation of subsurface investigation programs to obtain fill material/soil information and for the installation of monitoring wells and piezometers
  • Evaluation of design soil and rock parameters, utilizing field data and laboratory test results
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Veneer stability analysis of landfill liner and cover systems
  • Settlement analysis and design of different measures for reducing post-construction settlement including preloading and the utilization of wick drains and/or lightweight fill
  • Seepage analysis through dams
  • Design of landfill closure systems using natural soils, geosynthetics, and/or dredge material
  • Design of earth-retaining structures including sheet pile walls, soldier piles and lagging, braced excavation, and mechanically stabilized earth walls
  • Design of cutoff walls utilizing bentonite slurry walls and deep soil mixing techniques at landfills and other contaminated sites
  • Design of pond liners over steep slopes involving geosynthetic clay liners and geocell systems
  • Design of methane gas ventilation and detection systems for buildings constructed over closed landfills
  • Design of rigid and flexible pavement
  • Design of instrumentation programs for monitoring the construction activities for and post-construction behavior of road embankments on soft soils and landfills
  • Analysis of in-situ instrumentation data including settlement platforms, inclinometers, and more

In addition, SAI is home to a soil mechanics laboratory for testing the physical and mechanical properties of soils. Testing capabilities include: