The Problem

The biggest environmental challenges of the 21st century are found in the developing countries, not in the US. While many of the environmental problems faced by growing economies around the world are strikingly similar, the methods for resolving these problems are not. Language, culture and climate are just a few of the myriad components that differentiate international from domestic work, and can make a project that is a success here at home become an utter failure when executed abroad. Successful international environmental engineering projects require more than just technical expertise. They demand an understanding of native languages, cultural differences, and the nature of the local business climate. Above all, they require an open mind and creative problem-solving skills.

The Solution

SAI is in the unusual and enviable position of having an incredibly talented and culturally diverse staff. About 40% of our staff are foreign-born and -educated, giving us an understanding of not only the environmental issues facing other countries, but also of some of the unique local issues that may act as impediments to the success of the project in question. We have staff members fluent in French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

SAI has completed a wide variety of engineering projects in countries such as China, Tunisia, Algeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, the West Bank and Gaza, Mexico, and Colombia. We are preparing to start a new solid waste project in the City of Lagos, Nigeria.


Our Range Of Sevices

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